Pakistan suffered a 'big loss' due to Dar's anti-IMF approach: Miftah.

PML-N leader Miftah Ismail said on Thursday that Pakistan suffered 'a big loss' due to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar's approach of 'giving a cold shoulder' to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

'All of our experts knew this approach was bound to fail and we have seen its result,' the former finance czar said on Geo News programme 'Geo Pakistan'.

This is not the first time that Ismail, who says he was removed at Dar's behest, went public with his displeasure at the sitting finance minister's ascension to the position and his criticism of the policies of his successor.

Earlier this month, the ex-minister had blamed Dar for orchestrating a campaign to undermine him. 'Dar used to appear on TV and say he will bring the dollar down,' Ismail had said, adding, 'he used to make anchors do programmes against me'.

During the interview today, Ismail said he had the right to defend himself. 'I felt it was necessary to respond to comments made against my competence and my policies. And my party has not taken any action against me.'

Commenting on the prevailing economic crisis, Ismail said Dar underestimated the IMF's role which hurt Pakistan's cause.

'Dar sahib, after taking the reins, thought he would fix the economy without the IMF or by scaring the lender to accept Pakistan's demands, as he had been openly opposing the IMF conditions. He made an attempt and as a result, Pakistan suffered a big loss.'

Ismail said it was, however, encouraging to note that the government had consented to IMF's terms, which, according to him, could pave the way for the betterment of the economy.

In response to a question, the PML-N leader said he was unaware of the circumstances that led Dar to replace him as the finance minister. 'But, I knew for a long time that Dar wanted to return as he had been appearing in TV shows and targeting me in internal party groups.'

At the same time, he also stated that the prime minister who had appointed him had the prerogative to remove him as well. 'Hence I do not see anything unusual in it.'

Ismail recalled that Pakistan's default risk rose 'unacceptably high' when former premier Imran Khan allegedly violated the IMF agreement, adding that the PML-N government - during his tenure as the finance minister - took measures that minimised the risk of bankruptcy.

'I will not take part in electoral...

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