Pakistan participation in ClimateLaunchpad program along with 50+ countries- Final round of stimulus-ClimateLaunchpad green business ideas competition held.


The final round of Stimulus-ClimateLaunchpad green business ideas competition with a primary focus on identifying climate change solutions, was held in Karachi on August 31. The competition attracted 100 clean-tech entrepreneurs from across the country who submitted their applications and the top 20 teams competed to determine two best teams that will represent Pakistan at the Global Final competition later this year.

ClimateLaunchpad is the world's largest green business ideas competition with the mission to unlock the world's clean-tech potential that addresses climate change. Pakistan is participating for the first time in the ClimateLaunchpad program along with 50+ countries.

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Hira Wajahat, National Lead ClimateLaunchpad Pakistan: "With the first edition of the ClimateLaunchpad competition in Pakistan, it is clear that climate change challenges offer massive business opportunity. Over 100 clean-tech entrepreneurs submitted their ideas and the top 20 have presented their business pitch today. We are excited about these entrepreneurs finding commercial, scalable solutions in a variety of market segments and getting ready for global impact.

Parallel to the ClimateLaunchpad Pakistan Final, Stimulus organized the Pakistan Clean-Tech Innovation Conference that hosted a number of distinguished business leaders to deliberate critical climate concepts that have a direct impact on Pakistan's economy and its national well-being. Speakers from various industries shared their experiences and thoughts on steps that need to be taken to overcome these challenges.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr Malik Amin Aslam, Federal Minister and Advisor to the Prime Minister on Climate Change said that: "Pakistan's takes its role seriously as a responsible member of the global community in combating climate change. The Ministry of Climate Change is giving due importance to mitigation efforts in sectors such as mobility and transport, forestry, industries, energy, urban planning, agriculture and livestock etc. And these efforts require innovation - new ways of thinking about old problems, and invention - new solutions to existing...

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