Pakistan commemorates International Day for Countering Hate Speech.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan joined the international community in commemorating the International Day for Countering Hate Speech.

In a statement the Foreign Office Spokesperson Sunday said, 'this day is an important occasion to renew global solidarity for combating hate speech which is the prime catalyst for hatred, inter-religious discord, discrimination, incitement to violence, and acts of violence against people and communities.'

Pakistan had been advocating for an international framework against hate speech, disinformation and balanced approach between fundamental freedoms and responsibilities, he added.

He said the tragic hate crimes and incidents witnessed around the world were a clear verdict against those who justify hate speech, denigration and vilification of religious personalities and symbols, and derogatory remarks to hurt sentiments of minorities, as the fundamental freedom of expression or opinion.

'Guided by the vision of our founding fathers, Pakistan has always been at the forefront of international initiatives for promoting peace, tolerance, inter-cultural and inter-faith harmony and respect, both at home and abroad.'

He said based on principles enshrined in our Constitution, the government had taken a number of steps domestically for combating hate speech whilst promoting fundamental freedoms. Moreover, judicial and administrative avenues had been strengthened in order to provide remedial measures to the victims of hate speech such as the establishment of National Commissions, effective implementation of Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act, strengthening of law enforcement agencies concerned with hate speech and so on, he added.

He said, 'moreover, curbing hate speech is one of the cross-cutting themes in various National Action Plans. As we commemorate this day...

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