Official censure to India over CAB a bad move.



After spending more than two decades in actively watching and reporting on Indo-Pak relations, I feel forced to state that Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi should not have initiated the discussion to highlight the violent backlash, the Modi Government had trigged within its country by recklessly amending its citizenship-related laws.

The amendments enforced in these laws, no doubt, reflect supremacist obsessions, historically associated with Hitler's Germany. They clearly represent the majoritarian contempt for all minorities living in India, especially the Muslims.

Almost every sixth Indian, by birth, is a Muslim. But the Modi government wants all of them to accept the status of second-class citizens, if not concede being absolute aliens who had reached the said country like invaders.

Muslims, who had migrated from Bangladesh and Burma to various North Eastern States of India many decades ago, particularly Assam, are the immediate targets. All of them are now being vulnerable to possibly sending to internment camps, on grounds of having no 'legitimate papers,' before eventually being forced back to their 'real' countries of origin.

Even after detailed judgment no one knows if SC has directed for a Constitutional Amendment

Mass scale protests had erupted against the enforced amendments in multiple cities of India. Assam is virtually paralyzed for the past three days. After pushing protestors to their homes by imposing curfew, the Indian government has also disconnected them with the world by blocking the Internet access.

The Japanese Prime Minister was scheduled to have a summit meeting with his Indian counterpart in the capital of Assam. Through the said summit, India wanted to project itself as a major stakeholder of the games being played around South China Sea. Due to mass scale protests, however, the Japanese Prime Minister had to cancel his visit.

Bangladesh is deeply annoyed and upset, in spite of being too friendly to India thanks to consistent acquiescence Hasina Wajid's government has been maintaining with its 'big brother' for so many decades. Defending the enforcement of new amendments, however, Amit Shah, the Home Minister of India and a potential successor to Modi, contemptuously described migrants from Bangladesh as 'termite.' He claimed that they were taking 'refuge in India' after not being able to survive with 'miserable poverty' of their country.

World Bank collected data, however...

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