Of feudalism and fragile egos.

Byline: Rabail Ashfaque-Tandojam

THIS refers to the report 'Man who filmed foreign hunters found tortured to death at farmhouse' (Nov 4). Our society has become brutal and violent and this was once again proved when a young man from a village in Thatta was brutally tortured to death in a farmhouse in Karachi's Malir area.

Nazim Sajawal Jokhio was not murdered owing to some property dispute or over some financial matter. Instead, according to the report, he was murdered after he recently filmed some foreign hunters in his village.

According to his relatives, after making the said video, he talked about his life being in danger, for he was being threatened of dire consequences by 'certain elements'. The victim's brother has alleged that certain legislators were involved in the murder as the video included footage of their foreign guests.

A poor man, who wished to have a better life for his children, who was a son and a husband, was mercilessly clubbed to death merely on filming some illegitimate hunting by foreigners who happened to be the friends of some lawmakers. This is disgusting. While people have been protesting against the murder...

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