No respite as robbers on the rampage.


HAFIZABAD -- Citizens were deprived of cellphones, bikes, cash and other valuables in various incidents of burglaries, thefts, and bike-lifting in different villages of the district during the past 48 hours.

According to police source, five armed bandits stormed the house of Imran in Dull Wahab village the other night, locked all the family members in a room and made off with Rs150,000, three tolas gold ornaments and other household articles.

Two dacoits intercepted a car driven by Ali Raza of Nautheen and snatched away Rs15,000 from him. In another incident, two bike-riders Jamshed and Abbas were deprived of Rs40,000 and Rs10,000 near Haveli Mumbran. Similarly unidentified burglars broken into the shop of Faisal in KAssesay Chowk...

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