No political role as country's future rests in democracy: DG ISPR.

ISLAMABAD -- Director General of Inter Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) Major General Babar Iftikhar Thursday categorically stated that the Pakistan Army had no role in politics as the country's future rested in democracy.

In a detailed media briefing, the DG ISPR dealt with multiple issues pertaining to national security, professional activities, recent developments of Operation Radd-ul-Fassad, and the deliberations of the 79th Formation Commanders' Conference, president by the Army Chief.

Major General Iftikhar said the formation commanders unanimously stressed that democracy, supremacy of law, and strengthened institutions working within their constitutional limits were the guarantee of national interests.

He said the conference pointed out that the entire nation's support was the foundation of Armed Forces' real strength since national security was meaningless without it. Therefore, any effort - either deliberate or unintentional - to create gulf between the forces and the people, was against the national interest.

'Constructive criticism is suitable but baseless character assassination and propaganda based on hearsay sans any proof is totally unacceptable,' he added.

A malicious propaganda campaign, he said, was being perpetrated against the Pakistan Armed Forces and their leadership with the use of deep fake technology. False audio messages of retired senior military officers were being played up to create a division and conflict between the society and the institutions, he added.

'It is illegal, unethical and against the national interest. What the enemy could not do in seven decades, we will never let it happen now as well. We request the political parties not to drag the Army into politics. We want to stay out of it and please keep us away from this discourse,' the DG ISPR said.

Such campaign, he said, had not succeeded earlier and would never succeed in the future. 'It is better we leave our decisions on law, as the rule of law develops a society. It's time that we should play our individual role to strengthen institutions and the country, so that we as a nation cope with all the challenges,' he added.

The DG ISPR said the formation commanders were briefed on the external and internal security challenges faced by the country in the evolving regional, local and international security milieu and the strategy devised to tackle them.

The country's external and internal security, he added, was stable and intact whereas the Armed...

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