No Objection To Next Army Chief's Early Appointment Under Relevant Laws: Alvi.

On Jul 27 -- n Jul 27, 2022


Urges political parties to find solutions to economic woes.

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi has said that he would have no objection to early appointment of next Army chief, if it was initiated through the laid down procedure under relevant laws and with the formal approval of relevant institutions.

During an interaction with journalAists at the President House on TuesAday, he said that role of the army was clearly defined under articles 8(3) (a), 39, 243 to 245 and entry No 1 and 2 of the Fourth Schedule of the ConstiAtution. The president ruled out presAidential system and said that the parAliamentary system was a tried and tested system and had evolved over a period of time as the best-suited sysAtem for our country.

The president said that there was a need for the political parties to find solutions to financial and economic woes faced by the country through a consultative process and to take steps to manage the rising inflation in the country.

He said that uncertain political and economic situation in any counAtry can expand polarisation in soAciety which was detrimental to evAeryone's interest, therefore, all stakeholders should take meaningAful steps to bring about political and economic stability through a consulAtative process while remaining withAin the bounds of the Constitution and relevant laws of the country.

The president said that all pillars of the state and institutions should play their constitutional role while remaining within the bounds of law for holding free and fair elections, whenever held, to pave the path for the setting up a government which truly reflected the aspirations and hopes of the people of...

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