Niger delegation offers investment opportunities for Pakistani businessmen.

HYDERABAD: The Director of Cabinet Republic of Niger Mounkalia Ingolia on Saturday extended invitation to Pakistan businessmen for investing in Mines and Mineral and other sectors to take full benefit of the opportunities offered by his country to foreign investors.

He said this while addressing a luncheon meeting held in the honor of the three member delegation of Republic of Niger at the office of Jamshoro Chamber of Commerce and Industries (JCCI).

Mounkalia Ingolia said Niger government had offered 5 years tax free incentives for foreign investors and Pakistani investors should take full advantage of these incentives.

"We will wholeheartedly accord warm welcome to Pakistan business community for investing in Niger Republic", Ingolia said and informed that West African country had huge reserves of Uranium, Copper, Coal and other minerals for exploration.

The Republic of Niger's honorary Consul General in Karachi Dr. Jassu Mal said Niger had huge reserves of mines and minerals including coal, Uranium, Platinum, copper and oil, adding that Pakistani business community delegation would be facilitated to visit the Niger to assess trade and investment opportunities.

He said all assistance would be provided to Pakistan investors for promotion of trade, adding that diplomatic mission was ready to arranges visa facilities to the business community delegations.

The vice president of Jamshoro Chamber of Commerce and Industries Adeel Siddiqui said Republic of Niger had...

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