Nation mourns over 'fall of Dhaka' today.

ISLAMABAD -- 16th December, 1971 is one of the worst dates in the history of Pakistan, when Indian conspiracies and the betrayal of some Pakistanis led to the separation of East Pakistan and broke the largest Islamic country of the world into two parts.

The 49th anniversary of Fall of Dhaka is being observed today (Wednesday) with a note of melancholy and dissension which had led to that debacle.

On December 16, 1971, Indian Army in collaboration with Mukti Bahini, an armed wing of the Bengali separatists occupied Dhaka after a long resistance.

It's difficult to forget this day when the biggest country of the Islamic world faced a ruthless division.

The creation of Bangladesh is one of the most sensitive and tragic chapters in the history of Pakistan.

While the trauma of partition may now be behind us, stories of 1971 still raise hackles among anyone who lived through that era.

People received with awe the news of East Pakistan's position on December 16, an Indian army battalion entered Dhaka at 10.40am (09.40am PST).

As agreed the evening before, Pakistani commander, General Niazi, in the...

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