Narcissist & Co.

Shannon L. Alder, an inspirational author and therapist defines the reality of Narcissists as:

'Narcissists are consumed with maintaining a shallow false self to others. They're emotionally crippled souls that are addicted to attention. Because of this, they use a multitude of games, to receive adoration. Sadly, they are the most ungodly of God's creations because they don't show remorse for their actions, take steps to make amends, or have empathy for others. They are morally bankrupt.'

Now, most readers will be thinking about what therapists or psychologists have to do with contemporary political leaders and their perceptions. The answer lies in the keen observation of the behavior and oratory patterns of the so-called political leaders among us, be it the leaders from the developed world such as Donald J. Trump or our very own 'charismatic, charming, and handsome' ex-prime minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran N. (Narcissist) Khan. He has been very much consistent. Consistent not in keeping his words, his promises, and in fulfilling the fantasy-based dreams but consistent in pulling back from his statements and words. He only knows and sees what's acceptable to his restricted and ambiguous reality.

Let's talk about the populist approaches, in which post-truth politics tops every other strategy that has ever been applied in contemporary politics. We can observe quite clearly how the Narcissist Khan and Co. have been abusing the public perception, sentiments, and hopes to win the party's popularity and secure their dark, flawed, and hollow aims. The narcissists lack any realistic strategy; the essential emotional acumen and complete rationality are nearly non-existent among the league of narcissists. It is not just a mere hypothesis but can be backed and validated via famous psychological theories, studies and research.

Elinor Greenberg, Ph.D., CGP, is a globally celebrated Gestalt therapy trainer who teaches pragmatically the diagnosis and treatment of Borderline, Narcissistic, and Schizoid adaptations. She has trained psychotherapists in her approach in the US, Norway, Sweden, Wales, England, Russia, and Mexico. According to her analysis, Narcissists lack emotional empathy because they prioritize memories according to their set parameters; they act as if they are unaware while constantly ignoring the loud and clear facts, reality, and circumstances. Some people would perceive narcissists to have another cognitive inability, 'dementia,' because...

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