Nadra to share daily data with health dept for free treatment of patients.

PESHAWAR -- The National Database and Registration Authority has agreed to share live data about new families and residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with health department to benefit the patients, who can't avail free treatment services on Sehat Card Plus owing to lack of their record.

'Younger people, who don't have Form B, are not eligible for free treatment despite being residents of KP as the programme facilitates only the people registered with Nadra. The authority has been providing update on province's population on quarterly basis. Now it has agreed to share information with health department about new entries the same day,' Dr Mohammad Riaz Tanoli, the chief executive of the free treatment programme, told Dawn.

He said that Nadra also managed the website of the programme with a feedback system since the government began covering the entire 9.7 million families of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and merged districts.

He said that patients were called to seek their opinions after they underwent treatment in hospitals on SCP. He added that their opinions were communicated to relevant officials, who addressed the issues.

Only thouse registered with the authority can avail the services

Dr Riaz said that so far, 98 per cent patients expressed satisfaction over the services they received in the hospitals empanelled for the programme.

He added that few complaints lodged by patients were resolved immediately.

He said that in every quarter, about 120,000 new persons were registered with Nadra. He said that their names were available on SCP's portal.

'Now, the portal will have new data on daily basis that would benefit the patients, who have either to wait for four months to be reflected in data or get private services,' he added.

Dr Riaz said that in the past an estimated 450 new families were registered with Nadra per day but the data about them was available with SCP after end of the quarter. 'The new agreement will enable the people to get services the same day,' he added.

He said that under the programme, people with serious heart diseases and maternity issues were exempted from the registration as they could get free treatment services even if...

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