'My script was common man's catharsis', says Maula Jutt famed writer Nasir Adeeb.

MULTAN -- Maula Jutt famed script writer Nasir Adeeb said, the scores of scripts he created for films became a source of catharsis for the people in the face of injustices and provided solace to them in triumph of righteous character, the hero, against the oppressors.

Speaking at a session organized in his honour by Bazm-e-Ehbaab at Multan Tea House on Friday, Adeeb said, the legendary actor late Sultan Rahi held Gandasa in his hands against oppressors in films symbolized commoners' emotions in the face of oppression, as an epitome of justice deliverer. Not only it encouraged the people to speak against oppression, it also provided them solace, he added.

Adeeb said the lines he made part of the films' scripts earned him the real treasure of fame and respect adding he never preferred monetary gains in his decades long career embedded with a long list of memories, bitter and loving.

He said, his dialogues, understood to be portraying common persons' thinking, also influenced institutional policy.

Novelist and short story writer Sajjad Jahanian said, Nasir Adeeb was perhaps...

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