Murad says his govt opposes forced conversion of religion, protects rights of every one.


KARACHI -- Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the provincial government had enacted a large number of laws to ensure protection of human rights but due to weaknesses in the implementation system, they had not been implemented in true letter and spirit. 'Being a chief minister, I am under oath to protect human right as enshrined in the constitution of 1973, therefore, I have always been striving to upheld human rights irrespective of cast, religion and sex.'

'This is the lesson our great leader Shaheed ZulfikarAli Bhutto taught to the people of Pakistan through the constitution. The preamble of the constitution emphasizes on human right and freedom of speech.' This he said while speaking at a seminar entitled 'Human Rights Commitments: Challenges and Way forward' organized by PILER here at a local Hotel. The seminar was attended by human rights activities, members of civil society, lawyers, doctors, students and top of it representatives of Transgender community. The chief minister said that freedom of speech has been guaranteed in the constitution but 'what happens after delivering the speech has not been guaranteed,' he said in a lighter mood and went on saying 'the politicians had the ability to bear the bashing but 'this must be within the framework of moralities and respect,' he said and added in lighter mood 'the politicians also enjoy human right.' Mr Shah giving an oblique reference to PTI government and their provincial and federal leaders, said that some of the politicians terming all the others as `thieves' were operating their politics but this was not acceptable in the civilized society.

Referring to the protest and manhandling of a provincial minister, the chief minister said that it was against the spirit of the human rights. 'You have every right to stage peaceful demonstration but have no right to disrespect, manhandle and insult someone,' he said. Students Union: the chief minister replying to a question from the audience, said that he as a student had witnessed the performance of students union and also witnessed ban on them. 'I am in favour of students union because they are the nurseries to produce political leaders...

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