Motorway Safety.

Motorways and highways have been the site of the majority of fatalities and roadside accidents. The rate of these incidents has a tendency of rising during Ramzan, particularly approaching Eid, as the number of vehicles transporting people to their home cities for the holidays increase.

The recent incident reported of a bus being overturned while saving a car from crashing into it near Hassan Abdal's Burhan Interchange-resulting in the death of fifteen passengers, is absolutely horrific-yet such incidents are not a rarity. Last December, at least five people died and ten others sustained injuries when the passenger jeep they were travelling in fell into a gorge in Abbottabad. In November, eight people died and eleven others got injured when a coach plunged into a deep ravine in the Kaka Sahib area of Nowshera. While accidents in the Motorways are commonplace, it is speculated that there is something about the physical landscape of this area that makes it riskier.

Youm-e-Ali observed peacefully

However, the higher rate of incidents should be a cause for more governance and regulation, not justification. If a highway is reported to be more accident-prone because of...

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