Moot on new assessment system for schools.

LAHORE -- The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) on Friday organised a provincial orientation conference to share the key findings of large-scale assessment (LSA) for schools.

Punjab School Education Department (SED) Secretary Waqas Ali Mehmood chaired the conference. The findings were shared with the stakeholders, including policymakers, implementers, donors, academicians, commission members, district administration and private sector educationists.

The assessment of the subject and a background questionnaire were conducted for overall gender wise class V and VIII students and teachers. The examination was conducted on literacy (Urdu and English), numeracy (Mathematics), science skills and reading, listening and speaking proficiencies.

The conference also issued key recommendations, including dissemination of results in provincial workshop at Lahore and all districts, benchmarking of learning outcomes for reference point and estimate of progression of learning...

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