Michael Atherton reveals why Pakistan produces match-winning bowlers.

Lahore -- Former England captain Michael Atherton believes that the lack of infrastructure is the main reason Pakistan produces quality bowlers.

The renowned commentator and a broadcaster also think that in the past few years the strength and depth of Pakistan bowling have set them apart from the other cricketing nations.

'I don't know why Pakistan particularly produces great bowlers. I suspect it has something to do with the relative lack of infrastructure. To produce lots and lots of great batsmen, you've got to have facilities and infrastructure and coaches and a very formal system, but I think bowlers can spring and emerge from anywhere and that's probably why Pakistan produces so many,' he said in a podcast released by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

'Pakistan, of course, have produced great batsmen, but I think in recent times, the strength and depth of their bowling and particularly the kind of wicket-taking bowlers - pace bowlers and mystery spinners - have set them apart,' he added.

The 52-year-old recently visited Pakistan during the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season five to work on a documentary on the revival of cricket in Pakistan which was likely to be released as part of the Pakistan team's build-up for the summer tour of England.

Atherton has a strong belief that now more players and teams will come to Pakistan after the complete installation of the PSL in Pakistan.

'Well, you only have to look around: the crowds, enthusiasm...

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