Mayor asks philanthropists to follow Quaid's way to strengthen institutions.


KARACHI -- Mayor Wasim Akhtar on Tuesday called on philanthropists of the city to follow the Quaid-i-Azam's way by financially supporting the institutions of the city as the Father of the Nation did by leaving one-third of his assets and property for the Sindh Madressatul Islam.

'The Quaid-i-Azam has left ample guidance for us in his teachings, and we can easily find a solution to our problems from those directions of his,' said Mayor Akhtar while speaking on the second day of the three-day event celebrating the 143rd birthday of the Quaid at the Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU).

'Elsewhere in the world, birthdays of heroes and founders of nations are celebrated round the year, but, unfortunately, we remember our heroes not as strongly as they deserve,' said the mayor.

He said that instead of providing opportunities to the young generation, 'we are still entangled in political paradoxes'.

He said that students should not be influenced by events created by political gimmicks and they should focus more on their studies.

He said the culture of corruption could end and the country would prosper if the government ensured the provision of better education and health facilities and brought about peace in society.

'It is sad to see that our talented youth are working abroad. It is the need of the hour that we should effectively show the model of the Quaid-i-Azam to our young generation. We are required to celebrate the birthday of the founder of Pakistan as vigorously as we celebrate the new year,' said Mayor Akhtar.

He said it was utterly unfortunate that all the policies that had been adopted in the past 72 years had failed; thus, 'it is time to explore the reasons of our failures by digging deep into the life of the Quaid and see what is the exact thing that we are missing ... to steer the country onto the path of progress.

He reiterated that the philanthropists of the city should donate funds to hospitals, schools and charities as the Quaid did.

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