Manoeuvres enthral crowds at IDEAS 2022 Karachi Show.

KARACHI -- The International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) 2022 Karachi Show at Nishan-i-Pakistan on Seaview beach provided a rare opportunity for local and foreign visitors to witness up close the swift tactical skills and maneuvers of the armed forces of Pakistan in the form of a joint demonstration here on Thursday.

A smart navy band kept the audience entertained by playing local and foreign tunes. Starting with the famous and popular 'Allah O Akbar', they played various tunes including the English 'Never on Sunday'.

Soon after being warmly welcomed by Rear Admiral Raja Rab Nawaz, Commander of all Coastal units of Pakistan Navy, there was action in the form of the marine rifle drill followed by the VIP protection demo and the counter-terrorism drill.

Even though it was announced beforehand that the shots being fired during the programme were all blank, there were still startling moments where you jumped or missed a heartbeat. And was how you were taken through the mock-ups of safely evacuating VIPs from hostile areas, overpowering smugglers and terrorists with the help of clever land, sea and air reconnaissance using gunboats, hovercrafts and submarines, Mirage aircraft and Sea King helicopters.

As the simulation played out in the Arabian Sea before you, there was also the scenic backdrop of sailboats and the Oyster Islands to be appreciated. And the impressive air show or flypast made things all the more attractive with Sea King helicopters, which are also known as 'sharks' and Zulu-9 helicopters, performing difficult maneuvers.

The freefall display where a C-130 plane dropped 16 paratroopers was another spectacular event. There were the Pakistan Navy freefall jumpers wearing white coveralls under dark blue parachutes, the Pakistan Air Force paratroopers were wearing dark blue...

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