Main procession of Youm-e-Ali ended peacefully.

KARACHI -- The main procession of Youm-e-Ali (R.A), the martyrdom day of Hazrat Ali (R.A), after emerging from Nishtar Park amidst stringent security arrangements marched through its traditional route and peacefully ended at Hussainian Iranian Imambargah Kharadar. here on Saturday.

Earlier, the main Majlis of the day was held at Nishtar Park while the participants of the procession offered Namaz-e-Zohrain on MA Jinnah Road.

The participants of main procession passed through its traditional routes that is Nishtar Park, Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto Road, Father Jamnis Road, M.A Jinnah Road, Mansfield Street, Saddar Dawakhana, Preedy Street, M.A. Jinnah Road, Boulten Market, Bombay Bazaar, Kharadar and Nawab Mohabbat Khanjee Road and peacefully culminated at Hussainian Iranian Imambargah Kharadar.

All the streets, lanes and roads leading to the route of procession were closed with the help of containers or other heavy vehicles to prevent unwanted entry.

The Traffic police personnel were present on the main streets, roundabouts and inter-sections to guide the citizens on alternative routes as well as to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

No traffic was allowed to proceed towards the route of the main procession from Guru Mandir (Roundabout) and...

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