Everyone should work

This is with reference to the article, 'Everyone should work,' by Mahira Aziz (YW, December 10). Every man and woman can do any work, no matter what the work is.

For instance, a man can be a successful chef and a woman can be a successful business woman. Gender cannot specify the work of any person; but sadly, even in this technologically advanced world, most people have backward thinking and they designate daily chores on the basis of gender.

It is time that we should make kids aware that everyone is equal and there is no such work as girls' only and boys' only.


Men and women are different genders, however, both are humans and capable of doing almost all things, it is just that they both have their own way of doing and approaching things.

The story 'Everyone should work', by Mahira Aziz nicely described that every gender is equal. Nobody is superior and inferior. So, we should treat both genders equally and never consider any work as the...

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