Magic of appreciation.

AS a nation, we are more than seven decades old. If someone asks a common citizen about what is wrong with this country, he or she is likely to list down several issues. However, the same person will find it very difficult to name a few things that are positive about this country, or the government, or the people. Why does complaining and criticising come so naturally to us? Why do we seldom praise people, institutions, policies and governments? There are several reasons for such a mindset that is exhibited more by the 'literate, white-collar middle class' of the nation.

The mindset takes its roots at home. Most of the discussions in 'educated' households revolve around criticism of the government, the organisation they work for, or the system itself. This negative approach misleads a young mind into picking up negative tendencies. Further, most of the workplaces in the country have 'boss' issues. People with any degree of authority...

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