LCCI calls for national unity, Charter of Economy.

LAHORE -- In the wake of four days of intense political unrest, the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) urged all political parties on Saturday to set aside their differences and prioritise revival of the national economy.

LCCI President Kashif Anwar told the media here that due to tense political situation, the nation faced staggering economic losses worth billions of rupees as well as tragic loss of life and property.

Citing the latest data, released by economic analysts, he said the ongoing political unrest had resulted in an estimated loss of over Rs 10 billion to the country's economy. This figure included the direct impact on businesses, the decline in consumer spending, disruptions in supply chains, and the adverse effects on investor confidence. The unrest had also dealt a severe blow to multiple sectors including manufacturing, tourism, and services.

President Kashif Anwar called for national unity and emphasised the need for a cohesive and concerted effort to address the economic challenges at hand. He proposed the signing of a comprehensive Charter of Economy, which should be aimed to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) and promote...

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