Lawyers, doctors observe strike against each other.


Toba Tek Singh/Okara -- Lawyers and young doctors separately observed strike on Thursday to show solidarity with their respective communities after Punjab Institute of Cardiology incident. Toba DBA members boycotted the courts against the arrest of lawyers of Lahore.

They condemned alleged torture of lawyers by police and doctors. The lawyers also boycotted the courts at Gojra, Kamalia and Pirmahal.

Meanwhile, doctors and paramedical staff in district headquarters and tehsel headquarters hospitals of the district wore black armbands as protest over alleged attack of the lawyers on PIC.

The under treatment and visiting patients in the hospitals and the people visiting courts on dates and other tasks faced great difficulties and troubles in the district. The social, political and religious personalities had demanded of the govt to resolve the problems rising between the curers and jure

The doctors and paramedic demanded that the most grieving incident at PIC must be well investigated neutrally and severe legal punitive action be taken against the defaulter group. They said, such-like incidents obstruct their performance on duty and leave them quite unprotected. They said that doctors join this profession for the service of humanity. On the other side at the appeal of the Punjab Bar Council the lawyers did not attend any court...

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