Landlord rapes bride, grooms mother, sisters for months.

LAYYAH -- Another episode depicting the ugly nature of pseudo-social structures has emerged in the country where a landlord in Layyah kept a family hostage and raped the women for months, police said on Thursday.

Their ordeal started with Najaf Ali a resident of Nawankot in the Karor Lal Esan area tying the knot of his choice with Aneela.

Fearing the consequences, Najaf along with his bride, mother and sisters approached Zahid Magsi with the hope that the landlord would get the required help.

As a result, Magsi promised protection and provided shelter to them.

But it was neither protection nor shelter, as Magsi made them hostage and started sexually assaulting the women.

His father Azhar and associates Mehdi, Arshad, Imran, Kamran, Mujahid and Qasid were also involved in this episode.

Months later, police recovered the hostages on the orders issued by a local court.

However, no accused has been arrested so far.

The FIR filed with the Karor Lal Esan Police Station also says the nominated persons also grabbed Rs1.9 million in cash, domestic animals and precious land from the family.

In this connection, Karor Lal Esan SHO Haji Afzal promised to provide security to the victim family and said they were conducting raids to...

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