Karachi man duped in female voice call, to be abducted in Kashmore.

KARACHI -- A resident of Safoora in Karachi duped in female voice call to Kashmore and abducted, family members told police in an application.

Junaid Qamar, a security guard, was called to Kashmore on September 24 and abducted for ransom, the mother of the abductee told police in her plea.

Abductors have demanded 10 million rupees ransom money in a phone call for his release.

Kidnappers sent a video of torturing the hostage to the family, in which the victim could be seen crying with pain. Hostage takers beating the victim while demanding 10 million rupees as ransom money for his release.

'What you demand, I will tell my mother,' the hostage lamenting to the kidnappers said. 'I will tell my mother to send all money she has with her,' victim Junaid Qamar was telling the kidnappers.

The kidnappers have also sent another video of the weeping hostage...

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