Introduction of Pakistan Transgender Endowment Fund Bill 2022 in KP hailed.

PESHAWAR -- The transgender community and civil society hail Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government for introducing Pakistan's Transgender Endowment Fund Bill 2022.

'KP government and Social Welfare Department deserve huge appreciation for making efforts to bring transgender persons into the mainstream by creating an endowment fund,' said Qamar Naseem, a transgender rights activist and Program Manager of Blue Veins (an organization leading the transgender rights policy campaign).

In a press release issued here on Monday, Qamar Nasim observed that the decision will help them escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

It is encouraging that the government is listening. The time has come to look beyond the binary gender construct of 'male' and 'female'. KP will soon introduce the provincial Transgender Protection Bill 2022', he added.

It merits some insertions here that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa minister for the social welfare department has presented a bill for setting up an endowment fund for the welfare of transgender persons in the province.

KP government took the lead in fulfilling the needs of the transgender community presented in this new law and became the first provincial govt in Pakistan. Section 3 of the proposed law sets up a transgender persons welfare endowment fund with an initial capital of Rs.100 million.

Under Section 4, the fund will be utilized for the welfare activities of transgender persons to bring them into the mainstream.

Besides, it will also...

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