INTERNATIONAL YOUNG DIPLOMATS SCHOOL - Building Network of Future Leaders.


International Young Diplomats School (IYDS) is a pioneering initiative of the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies keeping in view the significance of diplomacy in the changing globalized world with innovation and of new technologies. IYDS is a model of Summer School of international standards with Three Days engaging and illuminating practical understanding about diplomacy and its worldwide from experienced Ambassadors, Diplomats, Policy Makers, Leaders including visits to the Embassies and Briefing Sessions at important ministries.

The course is meant for the dynamic and exceptional University students, faculty members, young professionals, researchers, , embassy staff and emerging diplomats for getting exposed to innovative ideas with fresh skills of diplomacy, leadership, and decision making to coup with the challenging national and international environment. IYDS is aimed to address the needs of emerging young leaders of age 18-40 years having a deep interest and background of Social Sciences, Peace, Conflict, Development, Law, Business, Trade, Anthropology, International Relations, Psychology, and Diplomatic Studies. We also strongly encourage those with having backgrounds of Natural Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Technology and other related fields to come and join this important forum to be part of our journey to enrich and diversify the Diplomacy and Diplomatic Practices not only in Pakistan but worldwide. The second edition of IYDS was organized by the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies in collaboration with the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in South (COMSATS). The School was inaugurated by Ms. Andleeb Abbas, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Govt. of Pakistan with her outstanding guidance to the young diplomas from different regions and backgrounds from Pakistan about the importance of diplomacy and leadership.

The course was divided into several sessions, mainly covered by both theoretical and practical base learning mode. During the sessions following were the speakers and their session titles: Ms. Cynthia Ritchie, Communication Strategist on 'Importance of Communication. Mr. Andreas Wutz, First Secretary - Political Section, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany on 'Diplomatic Traditions of the Federal Republic of Germany'. H.E Mr. Daniel Espiratu, Ambassador of Philippines on 'Diplomacy in Regional Organisations- ASEAN'.

Mr Brek Batley, Deputy Head of...

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