Indonesia Announces Direct Flights to Pakistan Aiming to Enhance Bilateral Trade.

Islamabad -- In an initiative poised to augment bilateral trade relations and people-to-people connections, Indonesia plans to introduce direct flights to Pakistan. This announcement was made during the farewell visit of H.E. Adam M. Tugio, the Indonesian Ambassador, to the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI). Additionally, to foster a deeper understanding and connection between the two nations, an "Indonesian Corner" will soon find its home in the National Book Foundation of Pakistan.

According to a news release by Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ambassador Tugio emphasized the untapped potential of cooperation in Halal herbal medicines between Indonesia and Pakistan. He recognized the affordability and potential of Pakistani pharmaceutical products in the Indonesian market. Further solidifying trade ties, Indonesia is set to host a Pakistan-ASEAN specific expo in Jakarta next year, providing a platform for the Pakistani business community. Tugio commended ICCI's proactive approach, citing its delegation's participation in an Indonesian trade expo and urging the chamber to continue these efforts, fostering collaboration between the private sectors of both nations.

Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, President of ICCI, highlighted the vast opportunities Indonesia and the ASEAN region present for Pakistan. He underscored the...

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