Imran to enter Rawalpindi days before 'key decision'.

LAHORE -- Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday urged his supporters to converge on Rawalpindi on Nov 26 for his long march that he is expected to rejoin in person after recovering from the injuries he sustained in a gun attack in Wazirabad earlier this month. For now, the march was suspended in Rawat.

He also appears to have had a change of heart for the military that he has consistently blamed for ousting him from power, when he said if the establishment wasn't behind the regime change it should have played its role in stopping the conspiracy.

Mr Khan must have strategically chosen Nov 26 for entering the twin cities to resume his long march as the next army chief would be inducted just a couple of days after that when the tenure of the incumbent Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa ends on the 29th.

'I will welcome people from across the country in Rawalpindi next Saturday at 1pm and announce the next protest strategy for the 'Haqeeqi Azadi' long march until every citizen is empowered to get their due rights,' he announced and stressed that the nation should not stay neutral at this 'defining moment'.

The PTI chief also called upon the powers that be to discharge their duty to save the nation from heading towards a disaster. 'The only way to get rid of the looming economic and political mayhem is to hold free, fair and credible general elections at the earliest,' he stressed.

Mr Khan also claimed the ruling coalition's performance showed it had no plan to control the nose-diving economy.

Adopting a lenient tone for the establishment, the PTI chief said 'if we accept the establishment was not behind the regime change conspiracy, it should have played its role and stopped the plot, as it knew well about the background of the corrupt and looters'. He added that no regime change conspiracy could be successful 'without support from within'.

He then went on to pose some questions to the...

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