Illogical Covid restrictions.

Almost all countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and countries in the European Union, have relaxed Covid-related restrictions to a great extent for international travel for unvaccinated people in their/other countries.

This has been done mainly to give boost to their travel and tourism industry which had been badly affected because of the virus outbreak. But the airlines operating to and from Pakistan go by the last circular of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued in May 2020 wherein the authority had put harsh Covid-related restrictions and requirements. It was fine when it was issued, but it still exists in 2022, and that is causing a lot of hassles.

Pakistan's tourism industry has been suffering badly as the airlines are not accepting unvaccinated tourists and Pakistani passengers on their flights. Whereas, on the other hand, now almost all countries have lifted such harsh restrictions on airlines, allowing them to bring in unvaccinated tourists as well in their countries in order to give their tourism industry a boost.

The CAA has not issued any such relaxation or updates in this regard since May 2020, although thousands of unvaccinated tourists and...

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