ICCI for strong academia-industry linkages to boost economic growth.

ISLAMABAD -- The developed countries have achieved phenomenal economic growth by promoting strong academia-industry linkages and Pakistan has to adopt the same approach to promote industrialization and improve its economic growth.

This was said by Faad Waheed, Acting President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, during his visit to Centre of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) at Air University, Islamabad along with a delegation.

Faad Waheed said that universities were producing many research projects, but they were not benefiting the local industry as they were not oriented to resolving the industrial problems.

He said that with close academia-industry linkages, universities could help in improving the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of local industry, and in producing value-added products to boost exports.

He stressed that universities should focus on applied research that would help in addressing major problems of the society.

"The ICCI is ready to provide mentorship and career counseling to students, facilitate their placement as interns in local industry and help in commercialize innovative business ideas of students", he added.

He emphasized that the universities should focus on fostering entrepreneurship in students that would enable them to...

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