Huma Khan opens up about living with depression.


"I am still fighting. Trying to find help, gulping down pills after pills so I can attain some peace,' wrote the model.

Pakistani model and actor, Huma Khan has opened up about her struggle with mental health issues.

Taking to Instagram to announce her break from social media, she revealed how a terrible heartbreak took a toll on her mental well-being, and became the reason she was unable to work for a year.

I always thought depression and mental health as merely some words off dictionary. Then two years back it struck me, struck me so hard it nearly knocked me dead.

Like an unforeseen problem that swept you off the hinges on life on an idle Tuesday. Two years back with a blow to my relationship and a broken heart on my sleeve, I drowned. I drowned in my sorrows. Unable to breathe, unable to clutch at life.

The supermodel spoke about how this left her feeling overwhelmed with confusion, and she lost friends along the way.

I wanted it to end. The pain, the melancholia, the desperation to want things to be better again. I was unable to fathom what's happening around me.

I lost my friends, this invisible cloak of darkness not only me but my family. Claustrophobia, sleeping paralysis, fatigue, shortness of breath, name it; they all came eating at me.

She also shared that this became the reason she was unable to work, and tried looking for comfort in all the wrong places.

Due to this messed up life, I was unable to work for over a year. Days turned into nights and nights turned into days and I was all lost; I was that version of Huma who tried seeking refuge into such wrong paths and doing things...

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