How impatient Dhananjaya de Silva was for his hundred?


KARACHI -- Before going out for the final day's play in the Rawalpindi Test, it was clearly in the mind of Sri Lanka captain Dimuth Karunratne to declare the innings immediately after Dhananjaya de Silva achieves his hundred in the rain affected match and he immediately did so at the completion of over. DDS was on 72 (28 runs short of his century) at the end of the game on 2nd day, 13 short at the end of the match on 3rd day, and match was washed out on 4th day and could only complete the century on the last day of this drawn Test. How impatient he could have been all these hours ? We put this question before Australia's renowned psychologist Dr. Phil Jauncey, who has also worked recently with many current Sri Lankan players.

"DDS's batting and handling the rain day off, I have no idea what he did in that situation, but I can tell what I had been teaching them in the past. I tell...

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