Hostel students demand authority to crackdown against low quality food sale in cafeterias.


ISLAMABAD -- Students residing in different university hostels in Islamabad city on Tuesday have demanded Authority concerned to take strict action against sale of poor quality unhygienic food sale in cafeterias of various universities and hostels as it causing many stomach related diseases for them.

There are multiple canteens all around the city which are selling unhygienic foods to students, especially to those who live in hostels and are bound to eat whatever is available to them.

Food which is a basic source of energy needs to be prepared and preserved in a suitable environment so that they could fulfill the eating needs of consumers rather make them out of sorts.

According to students complained , the food quality at various hostels is not up to the mark and usually students get fainted due to unhygienic food being served at the hostels.

Eating expired or unhygienic food can damage their mental abilities and in a nutshell, at this point, students are eating poison, but mild intensity, she added.

A student Azhar Zia talking to private news channel said many hostel students have suffered due to the poor quality of food, not only in the hostels but at the students' in schools as well.

He said that he fact is that hostellers do not raise their voice against it and only student leaders keep submitting memorandums against the quality of food provided on the campus. But the authorities never take an initiative to check if the food is tested ever or not.

Another student Sana Javed said if we keep checking the place where the food is cooked, they would not buy anything from there. Similar is the case in our hostels, no cleanliness is maintained and many a times students complained of upset stomach due to poor quality of food providing to students.

Neelum Bakir in Islamabad hostel said, students residing in hostels of...

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