Historical Ram Pyari Mahal illuminated.

GUJRAT -- The front portion of the Ram Pyari Mahal, one of the few majestic per-Partition era buildings in Gujrat, has been decorated and illuminated, under a public-private initiative by the Punjab Archaeology Department.

The building located in the centre of the city, had already been transformed into Museum of Gujrat, a couple of years ago. The museum consists of six galleries, displaying local art and culture, portraits of local heroes, folklore through statues of renowned figures, old coins and a public library.

However, official sources say that the archaeology department launched the idea of it's further beautification, in collaboration with the local business community. A large number of people visit the renovated building that is a specimen of fusion of Greek and Indian architecture, comprising at least 40 rooms and four basement halls. The installation of lights has further highlighted the design and beauty of its floor made of Indian tiles.

An official says that initially there was also a plan to establish a tea house or a coffee shop in the rear portion of the building, in collaboration with the district administration, that is yet to be...

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