Here are 5 reasons why you need to watch Kuch Ankahi.

While I admit that the Pakistani drama industry is thriving, I have to say, not many dramas are up to the mark, mainly because of their storyline. Some may disagree but for me, if a drama is about a woman or a man in a love triangle and a scheming family member who is on a mission to destroy them, then thank you, next. I don't want to watch or support such content. But if a show has everything I want to see, such as acknowledging how valuable each family member is (especially daughters), smashing stereotypes around non-Muslims, promoting equal treatment and tackling domestic issues, I'm willing to watch it on the daily. Enter Sajal Aly and Bilal Abbas Khan's Kuch Ankahi.

My mother and I surfed the internet to find something to watch as we enjoyed a meal. Some trailers of on-air dramas were a hard pass but Kuch Ankahi caught our attention instantly. I must admit, by the looks of the trailer and perhaps even the poster, it reminded me of Ramzan comedies. Upon watching it, the show proved to be something else, bigger than anything I've ever seen before and something that we have all been longing to see.

The drama stars Khan as Salman and Aly as Aaliya. Her older sister Samiya is played by Mira Sethi and younger sister Tanya by Qudsia Ali. When the drama began, Aaliya and Salman were a true depiction of Tom and Jerry, a duo that never gets along and always has a plan for the other to not succeed. They don't realise they have a bond...

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