Haripur nanbais demand hike in roti price.

HARIPUR -- Nanbais have demanded of the district administration to increase roti price over what they called inflation-induced losses.

Haripur Nanbais Association general secretary Syed Mushtaq Shah told reporters here that flour rate as well as power and fuel charges had been rising for more than one year, so the cost of production had surged.

He also said the price of flour bag had almost doubled, while the workers also drew higher wages compared with the past.

Mr Shah said high inflation had made life miserable for nanbais.

'Price magistrates, food and labour departments, Halal Food Authority and TMA constantly monitor the roti prices and heavily fine nanbais, who didn't sell roti at the notified rate of Rs15.

The association leader said nanbais sold roti for Rs20 each but even then the business was unprofitable.

He demanded that the administration increase roti price to Rs25. He warned if the demand wasn't met, nanbais would increase...

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