A guide to responding to haters on social media, courtesy Nadia Jamil.

Social media can often turn into a cesspool of hate and you don't even need anything controversial to fuel it. We just have to accept that there are people out there who have taken it upon themselves to spread as much stinky energy as possible so everyone else feels as miserable as them. The good news is you don't have to invite any of it in. Actor Nadia Jamil has set a great example of how to fan away the fumes of hate.

Jamil has been attacked online on the basis of all kinds of things. You may stop and think no way, that's too far, but guess what? They went there. They didn't only abuse her personal beliefs but also talked about cancer making her stupid, brought up her children in hypothetical situations, attacked her profession, religion, education - you name it. And she handled it like the queen she is. Check out how she diffused the bombs with kindness.

Educate them, sis

When they try to attack you, you go high and talk about very pressing issues, like climate change. Climate change is real, folks!

Gentle but firm shutdown

This one warrants anger, and lots of it, but Jamil chose to stay calm and...

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