Govt urged to control rapid environment pollution.


KARACHI -- Speakers at the meeting of Shura Hamdard Karachi urged the government to control rapid environment pollution and population explosion as these are serious threats for the country's survival.

The theme of the sitting was: 'Climate Change and We' which was chaired by Justice (r) Haziqul Khairi at Hamdard Corporate Office, Karachi on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, guest speaker environmenAtal journalist Shabeena Faraz said that Pakistan ranked at 138 in the list of those counAtries that produced heavy amount of green gases, but enlisted at 5 in the that countries most affected by the climate change. There were several good examples, set by some countries, and learning from them we could save ourselves from the bad effects of global warming, she added.

God had gifted Pakistan natural resources in abunAdance and good eco system, but we spoiled that system and failed to understand that we could not go against the nature. Pakistan was good in first 25 years; we made two big dams of Tarbela and Mangla and then stopped to do so and got surrounded by water shortage as we didn't make ponds, pools and lakes on open fields to restore flood and rainy waters as a sequel we have only 30 days water in reserve while India 200 days, she maintained.

'We should value water...

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