Govt to speed up process of ownerships rights to the residents of Katchi Abadis.


ISLAMABAD -- Chairperson Human Rights Commission Nasreen Azhar Tuesday asked the government to speed up the process of provision of ownerships rights to the residents of 'Katchi Abadis'.

Talking to reporter, she said that the process of ownership rights under basic amenities to 'Katchi Abadis' was slow thus increasing the number of households, high rate of in-migration from rural to urban areas and from smaller to larger cities also adds to accommodation needs.

She demanded for the Implementation of National Action Policy on 'Katchi Abadis 2012', under which 'Katchi Abadi' residents were to be given ownership rights.

According to the data of Urban Resource Center, Katchi Abadies had no access to clean water or sanitation facilities.

She further said that after food and clothing, shelter and housing is the third most essential human need of the residents of Katchi Abadis.

She said that although the...

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