'Good Taliban' gaining power in Afghanistan.

RAWALPINDI -- Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that Pakistan is desirous of peace in Afghanistan.

Talking to the media here on Sunday, he said Afghanistan is a sovereign country and that Pakistan's government and armed forces together will pave the way for peace in Afghanistan. The Interior Minister said the entire nation stands by the armed forces for the country's security. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan is fighting the case of Indian Illegally-Occupied Jammu and Kashmir in the entire world.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed reiterated that Pakistan won't give air bases to the US. 'Pakistan will stand by its decision to not provide air bases to the United States,: he said, reiterating the government's resolve for peace in Afghanistan. The minister said the region's politics is headed towards a new direction following the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan. 'Pakistan aspires for peace in Afghanistan,' the interior minister said. He also stressed that the government and the opposition were on the same page in this regard. The interior minister's statement comes after US President Joe Biden last week announced the military mission in Afghanistan would end on August 31.

The interior minister further said that it's the right and the responsibility of the Afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. He said the 'good Taliban' were advancing and gaining power in Afghanistan. 'It is important, not only for Pakistan, but the entire region to initiate talks with the Afghan Taliban,' the interior minister stressed. 'No superpower can ignore Pakistan, there is no pressure on us,' he said and reiterated that the country would not provide bases to anyone for carrying out...

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