'Godforsaken place' - fresh Biden quip offends Afghans.

WASHINGTON -- US President Joe Biden has now irked Afghans by repeatedly disparaging their country as a 'Godforsaken place,' causing Kabul's Taliban rulers to claim that the American leader was doing so out of frustration.

Last month, President Biden annoyed Pakistanis when he described their country as 'one of the most dangerous nations in the world' that possessed nuclear weapons without any 'cohesion'.

On Friday, he targeted Afghanistan. 'A lot of you have been to Afghanistan. I've been to every part of it. It's a Godforsaken place - it's a Godforsaken place,' said the US president while addressing war veterans at an election rally in San Diego.

He recounted his several trips to the Afghan war zone as a senator and vice president of the United States, including the one in 2008 when he got stranded in the snow.

Zabiullah Mujahid describes remarks as result of his frustration over losing midterm elections

On Saturday, Chief TaliAbAan spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid responded to Mr Biden's remarks at a news conference in Kabul, claiming that the US leader was doing so in frustration because his party was losing the midterm elections in the US.

'Those making such remarks are doing so out of their...

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