GB protests.

MASSIVE protests held across Gilgit-Baltistan over the past several days have united the region's geographically and religiously diverse communities, as well as supporters of different political parties. Moreover, traders' bodies in the northern region have also backed the demonstrations. GB's people have taken to the streets in freezing temperatures for a raft of reasons, which include questions about land rights, taxation, extensive power cuts as well as a reduction in the amount of subsidised wheat the centre provides the region. The fact is that GB's residents are protesting about many of the same things people in other parts of Pakistan also raise their voices against. However, GB's ambiguous constitutional status, as well as the lack of infrastructure compared to the rest of the country, makes this region's plight unique. The protesters are not in favour of the GB Revenue Authority Bill, which was passed by the region's assembly last year, as they say it imposes additional taxes on the region without giving it any representation in the federation. Moreover, the locals also have serious reservations about the state taking over land in the region that they say belongs to the people. The state has been acquiring land in GB for CPEC as well as other projects.

Considering that the people of GB have...

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