GB lady health workers continue protest despite harsh weather.

GILGIT -- Scores of temporary lady health workers in Gilgit-Baltistan staged a protest sit in outside the Chief Minister house against suspension of their appointments. The protesters blocked River View road in Gilgit, despite harsh weather.

According to the protesters, the last GB government had advertised over 600 temporary posts of lady health workers in the national programme for family planning and primary health care in 10 districts of GB. Thousands of candidates had applied for the post.

After proper test and interview, conducted by the GB health department, the departmental selection committee issued notification and recommended over 600 candidates for appointment on the position on Nov 30, last year.

However, the very next day before issuing appointment letters, GB Chief Minister Khalid Khurshid Khan suspended the appointments and saying that a large number of complaints were received regarding appointments on the posts. The chief minister had also constituted an inquiry committee to prove irregularities during the appointments.

The committee submitted their report in the first week of this month. Protesters said that they passed the...

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