G.zandanshatar Becomes Speaker of Parliament

Chairman of the Mongolian People's Party (MPP) U.Khurelsukh nominated his former Cabinet Secretariat G.Zandanshatar for speaker of Parliament, and the MPP board and caucus both unanimously accepted U.Khurelsukh's proposal, which is why Parliament's State Structure Standing Committee held a meeting on February 1 to review the nomination of G.Zandanshatar.

As the standing committee agreed to nominate G.Zandanshatar, Parliament reviewed G.Zandanshatar's nomination on February 1. As some 60 out of 63 lawmakers in attendance (95.2 percent) voted for the nomination of G.Zandanshatar, he became the 11th speaker of Parliament since the Constitution was adopted in 1992.

The newly appointed speaker received the speaker's seal and took office on February 1.

After being appointed, G.Zandanshatar addressed Parliament.

In his address, G.Zandanshatar highlighted that he will focus on several important issues as speaker.

'First, I will play a leadership role in strengthening good governance, justice, and unification as we see and hear that what the people are demanding for is justice.'

G.Zandanshatar stated that as the people are looking to the Mongolian state to resolve controversial issues, strengthen discipline and ensures accountability and transparency in the state apparatus, Parliament should fulfill the people's demand in their remaining term in office.

He underlined that Parliament has to be an exemplary institution of the state that ensures justice, transparency and accountability.

The new speaker stressed that the legislature should stand against every illegal action by fighting against abuse of state powers, and those who put their own interests before the state's and misappropriate public assets.

He announced that Parliament will collaborate closely with the government by setting up task forces to deal with the many challenges facing society.

G.Zandanshatar emphasized that Parliament always put the nation's key interests toward Mongolia's development that promotes all people's interests first, and Parliament cannot afford to protect few select people's interests.

'Today we need to stop disputes, pursue political stability, and ensure unification to meet the demands of the public and society, and so, first of all, Parliament should do that,' he said.

The new speaker of Parliament announced that he will make efforts to build the credibility of the Mongolian state.

G.Zandanshatar highlighted that a great achievement of Mongolia's democratic...

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