From The Past Pages Of Dawn: 1947: Seventy-five years ago: 'Inviting a thief to tea'.

HANDING over the administration of Junagadh to the Indian Union, through the Regional Commissioner at Rajkot, was compared to 'inviting a thief to tea' by Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto, the Dewan of the State, in a talk with Pressmen at his Karachi residence on Monday [Nov 10].

He said, he had not invited the Indian Army to come and occupy the State. He had asked the Regional Commissioner to 'give his assistance to the administration, which is threatened by aggressive elements from outside'. ... Sir Shah Nawaz said that there were more than 25,000 troops encircling the State. These included troops of the Indian Union and of the Baroda, Nawanagar and Bhavnagar States. There were 57 tanks with these forces.


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