From The Past Pages Of Dawn: 1972: Fifty Years Ago: Fertiliser factory planned.

KARACHI -- The WPIDC has finalised plans for the setting up of a Rs 77 crores fertiliser factory - at Multan. The factory on which Rs 57 crore will be spent in foreign exchange and Rs 20 crore in local currency, will produce over 8.30 lakh tons of fertilisers, such as nitrophosphates, calcium ammonium nitrates, and urea. The project will have an annual sales turn-over of about Rs 43 crores in foreign exchange. It will take about four years to complete. Members of the visiting World Bank team yesterday [Nov 7] called on the WIPDC chief and showed keen interest in the fertiliser project. - Staff reporter

[Meanwhile, as reported by news agencies in Rawalpindi,] One...

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