A forgotten case that deserves attention.

THE United States (US) was one of the first countries to have diplomatic relations with Pakistan. It did so almost imme-diately after the country's independence

in August 1947. The last year marked 75 years of bilateral ties during which in various phases the two countries remained the most allied of allies. However, while 'celebrating' such a landmark year between the two countries, it was depressing that the one issue no one was willing to touch was that of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, who has been imprisoned in a US jail for many, many years.

The matter has inexplicably been put on the back burner by even when there are civil society entities in both the countries that raise voice for this right or that all the time.

Dr Aafia has serious health issues, and her children are continuously deprived of their mother's presence, love and affection due to her detention. As such, the children are unable to have their fundamental human rights even though they are not at fault on any count.

The release of Dr...

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