Food packages being offered in marriage halls despite one-dish policy.

TAXILA -- Open violation of the Punjab government's one-dish policy in marriage ceremonies is going on with impunity in Taxila and Wah.

Scores of wedding halls have been set up on G.T. Road, Taxila-Hattar Road and other localities of the twin cities of Taxila and Wah that are offering food packages.

For the past few years, the Punjab government has imposed a ban on serving more than one dish in marriages and the local administration is bound to keep a check on this. However, in reality, many citizens in connivance with marriage hall managements and city government officers have devised several new ways of violating the law.

It has been observed that more than one dish of food was served but in the name of salad or snacks. 'Additional dishes are not served on tables but directly to guests,' said the manager of a renowned marriage hall. He said we only display the one dish menu on tables to deceive checking parties of the government.

Inside sources said that hall owners are booking marriage functions with a restriction for the host as per which he will be required to pay fine in case of a raid during the event.

However, despite all, not a single hall or marquee...

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